Cisco Certified Network Associate – CCNA

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Certified Network Professional is intended for professionals seeking specialized training programs in implementing, maintaining and planning wide range of high-end network solution products.
With this course You will be able to do following independently:
1. Interconnecting Networking Devices.
2. Implementing IP Routing.
3. Implementing IP Switched Networks.
4. Troubleshooting and Maintaining IP Networks.
5. Learning Labs for Routing and Switching: ROUTE, SWITCH, and Troubleshooting.

SKU: Rolla-DLVY-CISCO-CCNA-CRG Categories: , ,
CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) is a certification from Cisco, the world’s most famous company for manufacturing and selling networking equipment. This certification helps you to become familiar with a wide range of topics, such as:
  • TCP/IP model
  • Switches and routers
  • Network utilities (ping, tracert, arp)
  • IP addressing and subnetting
  • VLANs and trunking
  • Routing protocols such as OSPF
  • WLAN
  • NAT and ACLs
  • Automation and programmability

How to become CCNA certified?

You can become CCNA certified by taking and passing a single exam – CCNA 200-301. The exam consists of about 120 questions. The highest score you can achieve on the exam is 1000, with the minimum passing score somewhere around 800-850.

Where to take the exam?

To take the CCNA exam you have to schedule a test appointment through Pearson VUE, an electronic testing company. Pearson VUE has many authorized testing centers throughout the world and you can locate a test center in your vicinity. The exams are available in English and Japanese and lasts for 120 minutes. After finishing the test you will immediately get the results. Cisco provides just the basic information about your score, so you can’t be sure which questions you got right or wrong!


Academic Qualification

3 Year Diploma or Bachelor’s Degree, 4 Years Engineering Degree or equivalant

Course Duration

Industrial Experience Level

2 to 3 Years

Certified Network Associate certification can act as prerequisite.

• Provide an in-depth, theoretical overview of advanced routing and switching and troubleshooting
• Equip students with the knowledge and skills necessary to design and support complex enterprise
• Provide an experience-oriented course that employs industry-relevant instructional approaches to
prepare students for professional-level jobs in the industry.
• Enable students to gain significant hands-on interaction with network equipments.

CCNP: Cisco Certified Network Professional

1. Data Center Networking
2. IP networking in Telecommunication Networks