IoT- Internet of Things

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As businesses realize the immense value that is linked to the IoT, there arise many opportunities for professionals who are well versed in this path breaking technology. Rolla brings you a complete and comprehensive course on IoT that will teach you all about the past, present and future of IoT. You will get a basic understanding of the concepts and methodologies that are needed to design, build and deploy solutions based on the Internet of Things.
With this course You will be able to do following independently:

1. Understand the history of IoT and its uses in various domains
2. Learn about IoT framework and architecture
3. Client Server Communication: Connection and Data Exchange
4. Backend Databases and Applications for IoT devices
5. Networking for IoT
6. Devices Interfaces for IoT

SKU: Rolla-DLVY-IOT-CRG Categories: ,
With more and more connected devices, Internet of Things is all set to revolutionize how we live today. Smart Homes, Wearable, Connected Cars are only a few examples of IoT devices that are designed to make your life comfortable and safe.


Academic Qualification

Any Graduate

Course Duration

Industrial Experience Level

0.5 to 2 Years

Industrial Experience Freshers, Professionals.
Basic Understanding of Computer and Internet

• Sound understanding of core concepts, background technologies, and sub-domains of IoT
• Sensors and Controls for IoT
• Voice User Interfaces in IoT devices
• Build IoT software from scratch

IoT Software Foundation

1. Automation- Aviation, Healthcare and other industries
2. Smart homes, Smart city