Master Project Manager

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Projects are complex collaborative efforts. Successful project managers are outstanding communicators whose ability to adapt is supported by knowledge of the essential tools and techniques of project management. This course is designed to broaden and refine your understanding of those essential elements and immediately put them into practice.
With this course You will be able to do following independently:
1. Understand the value and usability of project management principles including the process groups
(initiating, planning, executing, controlling and closing the project) and knowledge areas
(integration, scope, time, cost, quality, human resources, communication, risk, procurement and
stakeholder management).
2. Understand the critical people and leadership skills required to lead projects.
3. Motivating the accountable and responsible members of the project management team.
4. Introduction and application of practical tools and techniques for enhanced project communication.
5. Avoid common pitfalls and mistakes in managing projects.

Project Management continues to expand at a rapid pace. Now it is an essential business knowledge area in all industries including government, health care, telecom, IT, education and finance. Effective project management is helping organizations streamline to improve productivity. As business structures shift, project managers have increased responsibility. Expertise in project management is a source of security, prosperity and power to organizations and individuals alike.


Academic Qualification

Any Graduate

Course Duration

Industrial Experience Level

3-4 Years